05. February 2021

Connected and personalised e-shop for B2C and B2B customers

Connected and personalised e-shop for B2C and B2B customers

E-commerce as a distribution channel assists retailers to increase sales and has played a key role for many retailers, especially during the recent coronavirus measures. However, it’s not just about a functional e-shop, more important is the integration with existing systems and the personalisation of content. That’s where GRANDeSHOP comes in, an e-commerce solution designed for both the B2B and B2C segments that has undergone considerable development over the past two years.

Being able to adapt the e-shop solution used to existing business processes is important for succeeding in the online environment. In this respect, GRANDeSHOP caters to retailers and offers all the means to better target their customers and, thus, increase sales and revenue.The current upgraded version pushes all the features a significant step further and introduces an even more robust and faster environment. The platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of products, while the administration remains very intuitive and simple to use.

As a stand-alone solution complementing the current infrastructure, GRANDeSHOP does not interfere with existing ERP or WMS systems. Furthermore, the tool relies on modules, and adding new functionality is, therefore, relatively easy. As a result, the retailer has little time to spend on such a change. Scalability, as well as content personalisation, are the main advantages of the solution.


  • Suitable for B2B and B2C, including a possible combination of both,
  • Personalisation of content and advertising messages,
  • Connectivity to the existing system,
  • The modular structure of the solution makes it easier to add new features,
  • Seamless implementation of third-party services (payment gateways, logistics, etc.),
  • Smart product and category suggesting,
  • Continuous development of new features and improvement of user experience,
  • The architecture of the tool is multi-domain from the very beginning. The e-commerce store, thus, retains a uniform design and product catalogue, but at the same time, allows a high degree of customisation and adaptation for individual regional stores.

Personalisation has been proven to increase turnover

One of the fundamental elements shaping the global e-commerce market today is the application of personalisation. When developing the tool, this aspect has been given the utmost emphasis. By tracking customer behaviour on a merchant’s website, the system can evaluate what a particular user prefers and accordingly offer them the products they are interested in, at the place, time and at the price they prefer. For existing clients, the inclusion of such a personalised tool has meant an increase in turnover of up to 30%.

Cross-sell and up-sell modules aimed at stimulating customer buying behaviour, as well as advanced e-mail marketing, for example, also contribute to this statistic. Based on historical orders of each e-shop visitor, the module knows when, to whom and what to send in an automatically generated newsletter. This increases the likelihood that a particular client will purchase again. It can also identify purchases made in brick-and-mortar stores through a connected loyalty-inducing system. After all, if you want to prepare newsletters yourself, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes, even without knowing HTML.

Everything from one company

It is usually necessary to involve several suppliers in the creation of a similarly complex and long-lasting e-commerce solution, who will take care of the individual steps. Thanks to the GRANDeSHOP, solution, you get everything under the U&SLUNO umbrella. The project team takes care of the entire process, starting from the implementation study through the wireframes and site design to the commissioning, staff training and subsequent round-the-clock support. In addition, you can test all e-shop features in advance in the new DEMO version of the tool.

U&SLUNO creates e-shops that live up to expectations and assist in increasing sales and revenue by units to tens of per cent.

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