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Yes. Not only with that, but we can help with the entire field of e-commerce. This means that you can operate a state-of-the-art GRANDeSHOP for B2B or B2C without limiting the number of articles, and you can also entrust us with the management of online marketing (measuring customer behaviour, promoting products, evaluating all purchasing data), and optimising the entire distribution process and warehouse logistics. The same decision was made in the Czech and Slovak MAKRO, GGT CZ or UNI HOBBY, where we implemented the entire solution within 3-6 months.

We support the performance of each e-shop, whether the one you already have or our customised GRANDeSHOP, by using optimisation modules for e-shop process mapping, product recommendation, direct marketing, SEO and Google Analytics. We can also set up an optimal marketing strategy for Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

Using the collected analytical data, you’ll know, for example, when and why customers leave the cart without ordering, in which categories and sections they spend a lot or little time, what complementary or alternative products to offer them based on their past purchases, what keywords they search for, how specific ads work on them or how to adjust your offer. Doing all of this will significantly increase your order volume and ensure sustainable growth for your business.

Yes, we can help you design the warehouse itself and deploy a suitable system to manage it. When we start working together, our logistics experts will conduct a study to help you oversize your warehouse, design warehouse processes and select the most suitable warehouse technology. Next, we will configure the warehouse system together. We have proceeded similarly, for example, in the case of the warehouses of Albert Česká republika or Tamda Foods.

Yes, business consulting is one of our principal areas of expertise, and our consultants have completed successful projects for brands such as Zberné suroviny Žilina, DHL Logistics or Hornbach.

Our real-life cooperation involves setting strategic audit objectives together and then conducting a process analysis based on these objectives. We map individual processes in detail and suggest how to optimise them. Subsequently, we will oversee the implementation of changes and help you evaluate their impact. To give you a more specific idea of the benefits of auditing for your company, our experts can prepare a small demonstration for you at the beginning.

Yes, if the customer is interested, we can supply a mobile app together with the desktop software. We provide apps for different types of products, for example, we have developed a mobile version of a communication tool for employees, as well as an app for warehouse pickers. Mobile solutions are highly sought after in the retail sector. We can provide an application that allows the employee to check and adjust the price of a product or reorder new goods.

For warehouses, we offer several automation options. We can provide autonomous warehouse robots designed to replace the work of warehouse operators, as well as software robots that can speed up many administrative tasks. We always tailor the specific optimisation proposal. At the beginning of our cooperation, we will, therefore, analyse the existing processes in your warehouse and suggest possible changes. We can fully deploy the solution within a few months.

Yes, we can. We offer such software solutions as well as individual consultations with a consultant. Our cooperation usually starts with reviewing the customer’s product data, finding and correcting any discrepancies. Once the product data is in order, we can begin assortment management. There, we categorise the products, plan their in-store display and so on. If you manage your product portfolio more strategically, you can benefit from easier supply planning and sales growth.

As a starting point, we recommend consulting with one of our logistics experts who will review your company’s ordering process with you and determine the causes of any downtime. Often, errors are caused by poor ordering. In this case, we would recommend implementing automated orders that are created based on inventory levels or forecast sales. If the outages are caused by an inappropriate stock system, we offer to replace it. We have successfully applied such an approach, for example, in DLC Napajedla, where we have additionally accelerated the picking of orders by introducing a Voice-Controlled Warehouse.

Yes, we also supply customers with self-service cash registers in addition to conventional cash registers. Depending on the agreement with our customer, we can also provide a Scan&Go variant, where consumers mark the goods themselves, or a hybrid version of the cash register, which can be used as a conventional and self-service cash register. We will take care of the entire project, starting from the initial analysis to installing the hardware and its connection to the POS system.

Of course, you can purchase electronic price labels directly from us. We strongly recommend their purchase to save printing costs and manpower that does not have to spend hours replacing paper price labels By doing so, you can ensure that the prices on the shelves and at the cash registers are consistent. Thus, you no longer have to worry about possible fines from the trade inspection.

As for our offer, we have several types of labels available, differentiated by function and placement on the sales floor. All of our labels support two-way communication and can be linked to your company’s ERP. Our consultant can assist you in selecting the most suitable option for your store.

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