24. January 2022

GRANDeSHOP 2.0 features customer analytics, e-mail personalisation, and Balikobot

GRANDeSHOP 2.0 features customer analytics, e-mail personalisation, and Balikobot

The Covid period significantly impacted online shopping; the e-commerce segment has grown considerably, and we expect this trend to continue in the future. At the same time, retailers experience labour shortages. How can we effectively address such challenges? Allow us to introduce GRANDeSHOP 2.0 – a significantly upgraded e-commerce solution for both B2B and B2C segments, offering customers desired changes, more emphasis on personalisation, as well as specialised tools for handling sub-steps.

“We at U&SLUNO develop our products according to customer requirements and largely also based on our experience, continuous research, and evaluation of already implemented e-commerce projects. Our own efforts are to keep up with the market and move forward,” says Product Manager Ondřej Volný about innovations for B2B e-shops

How do your customers shop?

The GRANDeSHOP 2.0 platform provides new clients in the e-commerce segment with changes, especially in two main areas; the first one is analytics, namely behavioural analysis, which tracks and evaluates the behaviour of e-shop users. By engaging in-house teams, be it business intelligence, marketing, e-commerce or logistics, we can provide expertise in business processes at any point of the procedure, deliver the best possible solution, and offer new data insights.

By focusing on collecting data about customers, their preferences and their movements in the online environment, retailers will be able to better target specific groups, more accurately determine how they shop, and overall gain a significant competitive advantage, especially in the area of optimisation.

100% control on the status of shipments

The second major innovation relies on the trend of composable e-commerce. Such an approach to development is not dependent on one robust solution encompassing all functions from A to Z. The idea is selecting specialised tools from external vendors addressing sub-elements of the e-shop and assembling them into a custom application according to specific needs. As a result, the retailer receives the best software from each category, with the bonus of adding or simply replacing new elements at any time. “Based on thorough testing, we have decided to expand the basic GRANDeSHOP platform with services that are as useful as possible for our clients,” says Ondřej, naming, for example, the smart Balikobot technology aggregating the transport. “The Covid time has significantly increased the pressure on transport. Therefore, the application of the Balikobotservices represents a welcome change, which can, among other things, assist in eliminating inefficiencies in shipping.”

Balikobot integrates over 30 of the most widely used carriers. As part of its features, it offers its customers 100% control and traceability of shipments and swift implementation into more than 100 systems directly from ERP WMS or e-shop. In addition, the environment is highly intuitive and allows simple management and printing of labels and other necessary documents. Therefore, the service is poised to become a standard in the e-commerce industry

Personalised e-mail. What’s more?

Personalisation has become one of the important trends. It has been introduced in all areas, and e-mailing is no exception. “To promote this service within the GRANDeSHOP solution, we have decided to use the Targito automated e-mailing platform in line with composable e-commerce.”

The advantage of the Targito platform over commonly used services such as MailChimp consists mainly in its close integration with the e-shop and the possibility of monitoring customer behaviour on the site more closely. Thus, the retailer receives accurate data on customer movements and, as a result, can better recommend selected products in e-mails. The tool improves segmentation and assists in increasing the percentage of returning customers, the number of orders and their value. “Targito is an excellent tool with a huge return on investment. It represents an additional source of revenue and at the same time, an important channel for our customers to differentiate themselves and save time, energy, and money to expand their online platform,” evaluates Ondřej.

Alongside these major innovations, there are several sub-improvements, such as the deployment of a chatbot to improve communication with customers or other features enhancing the performance of the entire e-commerce solution. The newly established cooperation in the marketing segment plays an integral part. Ondřej Volný concludes: “We have decided to upgrade the system in all aspects. We have also concentrated on the pre-implementation phase and identifying what is wrong with the existing website. Similarly, we conduct detailed CRO, UX, and SEO analyses as well as customer surveys to determine their perspective on the existing solution, what they would like to improve, where the main problems are, and what could make the business more efficient. Within the innovative GRANDeSHOP 2.0 system, we can offer all this to our clients.”

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