26. May 2021

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


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Data processing and privacy policy

We at U&Sluno are aware that any data is valuable. We also understand that most people find personal data priceless. Therefore, we have set out the rules we use to process it, which comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). We have prepared a short summary to give you an idea of what happens to your personal data.

Considering the nature of our business, we are not too keen on various forms of aggressive marketing, harassing phone calls, constant persuasion, and more. We build fair B2B relationships, for our partners are legal entities. We process personal data to the extent of the contact data necessary for the correct functioning of the business relationship; that means, if we got in contact with each other, we probably know your job position at your employer, your phone number, e-mail address and the location of your employer’s offices. We are not interested in other data. We only use the ones mentioned above to do our job to your complete satisfaction.

When we process personal data as part of our business activities, we do so primarily on the basis of U&Sluno’s legitimate interest or the subject’s consent to the processing of personal data. We consider it appropriate to inform you that we perceive the processing of your personal data as our legitimate interest in most cases. Suppose we have already conducted some kind of business together, and this has resulted in a contractual relationship. In that case, we see this as our legitimate interest. If we have received from you, for example, a business card, an enquiry by e-mail or via a questionnaire, or other forms of expressed interest in our services and products in the past, we also perceive it as consent to the processing of your personal data. However, it does not mean that you lose your rights to control the processing if we use other types of titles than those you are used to from communications relating purely to natural persons. Of course, in accordance with the GDPR, you are entitled to ask us to delete your information from the database and stop all processing, which we will comply with without delay; however, it does mean that you will lose the opportunity to be informed of our activities. Therefore, we recommend considering the possible impact of such a request on any business matters. At the same time, we will, of course, retain your personal data if its processing is necessary to comply with legal obligations or contractual relationships.

We handle personal data under the above mentioned legal titles on a relatively small scale:

  • We store it in U&Sluno’s business database;
  • We use it for the purpose implied by its designation, i. e., contacting business (and potential) partners;
    • Invitations to seminars, webinars and other industry activities that U&Sluno organises or partners in;
    • Business communication of our product or service offers; always B2B, always relevant;
  • We do not forward the data to third parties unless we have agreed with you otherwise. If we have reached an agreement, you know what data we pass on and, therefore, you may understand the third party to be:
    • Suppliers of the technologies we implement;
    • Subcontractors that we have mutually agreed upon;
  • We store it for a period of 10 years from the last known activity,
  • We secure our business database with name-secured accesses; the database operates on our own infrastructure.

In addition to the processing described above, we may use audiovisual materials that contain personal data for U&Sluno’s marketing purposes. Of course, we care about good references and compliments from our customers. Therefore, such processing is sometimes necessary; however, we always discuss well in advance whether and how we will use the personal data. We will not take any action without your consent.

If you wish to learn more about U&Sluno’s processing of personal data, raise an objection or request a correction or suspension/deletion of the data, please contact our Security Manager at

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