22. August 2023

Application programming | Tesco Stores ČR a.s.

Application programming | Tesco Stores ČR a.s.

I am very satisfied with the work done by the developer Marian from Sluno. Especially I must highlight his excellent orientation in technologies for GUI web application development. During the development of a new Price tool application, he was able to switch to the new GUI framework Svelte very quickly. Thanks to his reliability and independence he developed a pilot version of Price tool within a few months. During the development of the Price tool application, he was able to react quickly to the client’s change requirements and show his creativity in designing a suitable GUI solution. When working in a team, he acts as a mentor for his colleagues, whom he always advises on solving any problem.

Martin is a skilled young programmer who can easily develop front-end and back-end web applications. His speed and efficiency of programming is sometimes admirable. This was confirmed during the development of a new version of the TLT portal application (SSO) with a new EPW module, which was successfully launched at the beginning of the year. Since then, he has delivered several major upgrades as per the client’s requirements, enabling the business to transition seamlessly from the old application. He has also been willing to help other developers in java back-end development. As part of the team, he manages our Jenkins deployment solution for all applications on docker platform. His contribution to our team is great.

 Dušan Stareček, Technology programme manager lead for CE development in commercial department

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