08. November 2021

Central Retail Management | COOP Jednota Nové Zámky

Central Retail Management | COOP Jednota Nové Zámky

“The occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of U&SLUNO constitutes a rare opportunity to evaluate the cooperation with COOP Jednota Nové Zámky, which began in 2002. Using U&SLUNO’s business solutions has enabled us to optimise our management procedures. They include centralised management of sales units, management of supplier-customer relationships or advanced management tools. We highly appreciate our mutual partnership, the long-standing cooperation and understanding that has evolved, as well as the professional and responsible approach of our employees to individual joint projects.”

Štefan Mácsadi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, COOP Jednota Nové Zámky, spotrebné družstvo


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