04. August 2023

Central Retail Management | COOP Jednota Žilina

Central Retail Management | COOP Jednota Žilina

We have been cooperating with Sluno since 2006. The OBIS information system is the basis for process management in our organization. The biggest benefit is a reliable and efficient solution for central store management and inventory optimization.

Gradually, we have extended our cooperation to other projects such as EDI, Business Intelligence, POS system including self-service checkouts and others. One of the current joint projects is the automatic extraction of incoming invoices that arrive outside EDI, or the management of promotions using artificial intelligence – Promo Forecast AI. Maximum automation and simplification of processes are key for us.

Marián Jandačka, Chairman of the Board of Directors, COOP Jednota Žilina, spotrebné družstvo

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