24. November 2023

Sluno upgrades K2 ERP in warehouses

Sluno upgrades K2 ERP in warehouses

The processes in the warehouse do not work exactly as you imagine. But you don’t know if changes, software modifications or automation will bring the desired result? Will it have a positive impact on other processes that will remain unchanged? Or will it just be a waste of energy, time and money?

The mission of both companies is to improve process management in companies. The main benefits of their connection are primarily in the area of warehouse management, deployment of robots and expansion of implementation capacities.

The K2 information system is a modular solution with possible custom modifications. And IT company Sluno has several years of know-how for precisely such adjustments. Based on business analyses, it improves storage and logistics processes, deploys automation and adjusts software to meet customer requirements and wishes.

From full film to automotive

A typical example is the warehouses of fullfillment centers that want to upgrade the existing WMS. It is always necessary to perform an analysis, on the basis of which process changes will be recommended to the customer that will lead to increased productivity and reduced costs. For example, eliminating operator downtime or reducing picking times by more optimal distribution of goods in the warehouse. Such an analysis is an excellent basis and describes in detail what the information system must be able to do and what is nice to have.

“For a retailer that is about to move its warehouse, we are now solving how to simplify and speed up the storage processes in such a way that they can reduce two shifts to a single shift operation and compensate the warehouse workers for a longer commute.” says Petr Bulava, head of the team of consultants in charge of improving the functioning of K2 modules for customers.

Another example from practice is a supplier of automotive parts that needs to solve the optimal storage and dispatch of the entire contents of a shipping container in the warehouse. It is necessary to adapt IS K2, terminals and train operators to this requirement.

“Based on the results of the analyses, the K2 module will be tailored so that the changes bring only positive results. We know in advance how the requested change will be useful and how to implement it,” adds Petr.

Modifications based on 20 years of know-how

During a thorough analysis, when one or two consultants arrive at the customer, the warehouse and every related process is examined. “An often-requested software modification is moving warehouses or merging them into one location. Thanks to our know-how, we can very quickly detect problems in well-established and completely new warehouses that are yet to start operations. We can propose, for example, more appropriate handling of certain types of goods in advance,” he comments. situation Tibor Szekeres, director of delivery company Sluno.

Software modifications are also made with regard to the type of goods being handled. Whether it’s small items or oversized parts that can’t be stored on top of each other. For each process; reception, storage, picking and dispatch, you also need to take into account whether you are wasting space unnecessarily. Even the distribution of goods in the warehouse must have its own logic.

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