12. August 2021

Software robot can perform routine PC-based administration

Software robot can perform routine PC-based administration

Perhaps every company is overwhelmed with the administration that goes on and on every day, week or month. It takes away important time and motivation from employees, and the managers perceive it as one of the reserves for the competitiveness and development of the company. A software robot can eliminate time-consuming and repetitive processes in HR, logistics and other departments of your company.

The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform is a technology based on the autonomous work of software robots that helps companies eliminate office work. It makes it easy for retailers – and not just for them – to automate manual activities that don’t require employee creativity – a software robot complete it faster and without errors. Saved man-hours can, thus, be allocated to tasks that are far more beneficial for the company as a whole.

Since the involvement of RPA eliminates mainly time-consuming, unproductive and repetitive processes, its application significantly boosts employee motivation. Therefore, choosing the right process to automate is a crucial step in the entire implementation. The employees themselves often provide help with this step.

It should always be an activity that is repetitive, lengthy, has a higher risk of error and is based on predefined rules. It is not necessarily an activity carried out in one shop only, the process can take place across different establishments. We can help you identify specific processes. We will determine the level of automation required, estimate the current time requirements and calculate the expected savings, i. e., whether the RPA application is really worthwhile for the company.

Benefits for your business

  • Hundreds of hours of employee labour saved per month,
  • Unlimited capacity in terms of the data volume that robots can process,
  • Zero licensing fees = possibility to automate processes one at a time,
  • Seamless and fast implementation without the need to change internal software,
  • Quick return on investment within 2-5 months.

For small and large companies

Software robots can be used across all segments from small businesses to the largest companies. They are particularly beneficial in administration, HR, logistics, order management and invoicing, in finance departments or government. Simply, wherever employees process data on computers that transform from one application to another.

Robots can simulate human keyboarding, mouse clicks, open files or e-mails, work with web browsers, spreadsheets or data from databases and create reports using them, for example. However, the possibilities of RPA do not stop there. This technology can also use artificial intelligence or machine learning elements, essential for the largest projects.

Robots are launched via a simple application with minimal requirements, either once or separately at set intervals. The implementation process is similar to how you train a new employee in your company.

Another advantage is that the RPA platform we offer to our clients is entirely our own. With no licensing fees, you can conveniently test the automation on one process and then gradually add others. The system can be easily modified later on, for example, by modifying templates.

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