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Your company’s development has reached a standstill. Your employees are overloaded. The distribution of competencies in teams overlaps. Sometimes, your company can reach a point where even the best manager is hesitant about where to proceed. Whatever your business is struggling with, our experts can assist you in unravelling this tangled skein of problems.

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We can streamline your business processes.

We can help you cut costs.

We can guide you through the digitalisation of your company.

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Business Analysis

Is your business at a standstill? Are you having problems with suppliers? Are you struggling with poor business results? A business analyst can find out where you are wasting energy, time and money.

– Identify the causes of the current situation
– Suggest changes needed to improve the company’s profitability
– create a plan to implement the changes and see them through

We reduce costs

After a thorough analysis, we will identify areas with the potential to save time and other resources. By modifying the process, introducing automation or new technology, we will help eliminate unnecessary downtime and minimize process losses.

Increase company performance

We will help you better define the responsibilities of individual employees to avoid unnecessary conflicts or duplication of work. Together, we will set up a system for measuring employee performance that will help you monitor the achievement of company goals.

Thorough analysis is essential

We will examine your company processes, their theoretical settings and how they work in practice. We will talk to key employees, study methodological documents and actually test the processes.

Time for change

Based on the findings from the analytical part, we will then create a set of suggestions for optimization that match your priorities. We will also present you with a plan for implementing these changes. Our job is to materialize your requirements and see to it that they are met in their entirety so that added value is created.

Business Intelligence

Are you gathering data but struggling to evaluate it?

– We will teach you how to navigate big data and extract key insights,
– You will receive timely information on demand and sales trends,
– You will be able to effectively profile your customers and target them with personalised offers,

Always in the swim of things

Gain insights into important aspects of your business in an instant. Our tools will connect data from different business systems and allow management to gain a global perspective of the business. We can provide you with comprehensive information on supply, purchasing, sales, loyalty-inducing systems and more.

Up-to-date data in the context

BI tools constitute a single and reliable source of information for the entire enterprise. They can contain gazillions of records, which they interpret and display to whoever needs them in real-time. Conflicting reports from different divisions and out-of-date offline spreadsheets become a thing of the past.

In addition, BI systems can look for relationships between information using association rules. Thus, for example, you can gain valuable information about which goods customers most often buy together. Demand and future sales forecasts add useful functionalities to help you better prepare for the upcoming period.

Connecting online and offline environments

Our BI solution can pair data from e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, you will be able to evaluate even customers who prefer choosing their goods online but purchase in person at one of the branches.

Know your customers better

Our BI tools make it easy to identify the customer segments that are most interesting to your business and target them with truly effective communication. Using data from your loyalty-inducing system, you can easily rate your customers and offer them tailor-made offers that best match their profiles.

3D process simulation

Test new processes and warehouse changes before you implement them. Discover the potential of different scenarios and choose only the right ones.

– You won’t limit your existing warehouse operations
– see immediately how changes to processes and space will affect productivity
– Avoid complications when implementing changes and reduce the time needed to implement them

Don’t get caught unprepared

Growing business, staff shortages, changing demand? External conditions can easily change, and you need to optimise your warehouse, production or people movement. Try everything with minimal costs in a virtual environment.

What can I simulate?

Process and space changes, machine layouts, the effect of voice picking, workflow, operator time, adding autonomous robots and conveyors, reducing the number of warehouse operators, introducing safety breaks, adjusting working hours and dozens of other scenarios to suit your needs.

Predictable development and wide range of applications

When you implement any processes and automation, you will immediately see their synchronisation with others as well as any bottlenecks, which you can easily resolve by anticipating them.

You can use simulation most often:

– In logistics to simulate material movements,
– In production to simulate production and assembly lines, analyse production scenarios, plan production and distribute workload,
– In infrastructure to simulate the layout of car parks and roads or passenger flows at airports and station terminals,
– In customer premises from shops to call centres to simulate customer flow,
– In healthcare to simulate crisis scenarios and situations.

We take Covid into account

We analyse the personnel traffic and suggest solving the shifts so that the employees meet as little as possible. Thus, a possible quarantine affects as few people as possible. We can also simulate situations where two people have to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between them (whether warehouse workers in the warehouse or end customers in the store).

You need not simulate the entire warehouse

– Start with the model you need and gradually develop it further,
– The simulation has been on the market for more than 20 years and has a very user-friendly interface,
– You can upload 3D drawings in various formats, including Autocad,
– We provide the simulation independently of our WMS, so you can use your own.


Focus on your business. Let the software robots handle the tedious operations for you.

– You can relieve your employees of tedious routine work, allowing them to reach their potential and grow professionally,
– Speeding up processes by 50-90%, eliminating the risk of errors,
– The robot is ready to work 24 hours a day,
– Automate routine tasks that used to be handled by your people – administration, ordering, messaging, etc.

Quick return on investment

The high efficiency of the software robots guarantees a return on investment within a few months.

Integration with existing software

The robot simulates the work of a standard user in your existing applications and programmes, so it does not require changes to your IT systems.

Easy implementation

We can deploy the solution within 1-3 months, given the robot’s minimal requirements.

Wide range of applications

The intelligent software robot can handle:

– Databases and spreadsheets,
– Reporting,
– Information systems tasks,
– Sending e-mails.

What can we do for you?

We conduct an audit of your internal processes, identify bottlenecks and propose a course of action to address the situation. We can help you push your business one step further.

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