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Your company’s development has reached a standstill. Your employees are overloaded. The distribution of competencies in teams overlaps. Sometimes, your company can reach a point where even the best manager is hesitant about where to proceed. Whatever your business is struggling with, our experts can assist you in unravelling this tangled skein of problems.

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We can streamline your business processes.

We can help you cut costs.

We can guide you through the digitalisation of your company.

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Process optimisation

We can help you eliminate bottlenecks in your company processes, streamline your operations, and prepare your business for the introduction of new technologies.

– We can help reduce operational costs and process losses,
– We can suggest changes in supplier-customer relationships,
– We can increase employee satisfaction,

We set priorities

To ensure the change will have the desired effect, we start by setting goals together. By doing so, we can help you find the right direction in both process analysis and change design.

A thorough analysis is fundamental

We will evaluate your company’s processes, their theoretical setup and how they work in practice. We will interview key employees, study methodological documents and test the processes in real life.

Time to change

Based on the insights provided by the analytics, we will create a set of suggestions for optimisation to match your priorities. We can present you with a schedule for implementing such changes.

Improving company performance

Has your business reached a standstill? Are you struggling with suppliers? Are you suffering from poor business results? Hire a qualified consultant to help you resolve the situation.

– We determine the roots of the current situation,
– We suggest the necessary changes to improve the company’s profitability,
– We create a roadmap for their implementation,

We can reduce your costs

After a thorough analysis, we will identify areas with potential for saving time and other resources. By modifying processes, introducing automation or new technologies, we can help eliminate unnecessary downtime and minimise process losses.

We will improve business performance

We can assist you in better defining the responsibilities of individual employees to avoid unnecessary conflicts or duplication of work. Together, we will set up a system for measuring employee performance that will help you monitor the achievement of company goals.

Digital transformation

Get ahead of the competition by introducing innovative solutions. We will help you introduce new technologies, streamline corporate communications and digitise processes.

– You accelerate your corporate processes,
– You will increase your employees’ awareness,
– You will reduce operating costs and error rates,

Automate routine activities

Leave repetitive tasks and tedious administration to robots. Thus, your employees can focus on more important work. Warehouse handling and stock transfer can be performed by autonomous robots; at the same time, intelligent robotic software generates reports and e-mails.

Professional system integration

We can review your existing IT systems and teach them to communicate with each other. Thus, your data will always be complete and up-to-date. We can enhance your current infrastructure with new digital tools to replace outdated processes and increase your company’s productivity.

Sharing and communication

Information is essential for the proper functioning of a company. We will, therefore, set up a new file sharing system that facilitates employees to work in teams. We will accelerate the transfer of messages between staff by introducing a new communication platform.

Use big data

Do you collect data but don’t know how to use it? We can advise you on how to use valuable information to your advantage. Connect data from multiple systems and obtain a perfect overview of your partners and customers. Thus, you can easily identify your most lucrative customers and reach them with a personalised offer.

Business Intelligence

Are you gathering data but struggling to evaluate it? We have a solution for you:

– We will teach you how to navigate big data and extract key insights,
– You will receive timely information on demand and sales trends,
– You will be able to effectively profile your customers and target them with personalised offers,

Always in the swim of things

Gain insights into important aspects of your business in an instant. Our tools will connect data from different business systems and allow management to gain a global perspective of the business. We can provide you with comprehensive information on supply, purchasing, sales, loyalty-inducing systems and more.

Up-to-date data in the context

BI tools constitute a single and reliable source of information for the entire enterprise. They can contain gazillions of records, which they interpret and display to whoever needs them in real-time. Conflicting reports from different divisions and out-of-date offline spreadsheets become a thing of the past.

In addition, BI systems can look for relationships between information using association rules. Thus, for example, you can gain valuable information about which goods customers most often buy together. Demand and future sales forecasts add useful functionalities to help you better prepare for the upcoming period.

Connecting online and offline environments

Our BI solution can pair data from e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, you will be able to evaluate even customers who prefer choosing their goods online but purchase in person at one of the branches.

Know your customers better

Our BI tools make it easy to identify the customer segments that are most interesting to your business and target them with truly effective communication. Using data from your loyalty-inducing system, you can easily rate your customers and offer them tailor-made offers that best match their profiles.

What can we do for you?

We conduct an audit of your internal processes, identify bottlenecks and propose a course of action to address the situation. We can help you push your business one step further.

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