Digitise your business.


Your customers are online. Are you there
with them?

E-commerce already accounts for 16% of all Czech retail by 2021, a share worth 196 billion CZK. Recently, year-on-year growth has always reached double digits, and experts expect a similar development over the next decade.

E-shops are the heart of e-commerce. We can help you build it from the ground up to suit the specifics of your business. We take care of initial analyses and wireframes, design, coding and the actual launch. We can assist you in setting it up efficiently, connecting it to other systems, and training your staff to manage the day-to-day administration of the e-shop on their own.

Four reasons to get serious
about E-Commerce

You will boost your sales and market share.

You can target your B2B and B2C offers more precisely.

You better understand your customers and their needs.

You will strengthen your brand through effective advertising and campaigns.

Those who trust us in e-commerce:

Choose the right solution
just for you

Customized E-shop

Sell your goods online to B2B and B2C customers using a modern e-shop.

– Individual design,
– Customised features and settings,
– No limit on the number of items,

Adapts to your needs

The e-shop’s modular structure makes it very easy to extend it with additional functionalities. On request, we can add modules for discount management, product evaluation or EET to your solution. We can even develop new features tailored to your business.

A shop that understands its customers

GRANDeSHOP provides you with a wealth of data about your customers and their shopping habits. This allows you to reach consumers with personalised offers or business communications.

Intuitive navigation

Anyone can easily navigate the simple interface of the e-shop content management system –
plus, most of the features have a handy help section to assist you in taking your first steps in the programme.

Carefully tested quality

We thoroughly test our solutions before the implementation using a wide range of automated and manual methods. Moreover, we verify the correctness of your existing site set-up to ensure that the entire system works properly.


Purchases are often decided in seconds. A fast and clear website is, therefore, essential for higher sales. We can help you identify its weak points.

– We’ll analyse your customers’ purchase behaviour,
– We assess the layout of the site from the user’s perspective,
– We can identify where you’re missing out on potential conversions.

We build our design on solid foundations

Before creating a new design, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your existing solution. This way, we can redesign your e-commerce store based on hard data.

E-shop under scrutiny

Using analytics data, we get a clear picture of your e-commerce store’s performance and conversion rate.

Customer takes the lead

Data from behavioural analysis tools and Google analytics tell us who shops with you most often, what their preferences are and how they behave on your site.

Data integration

Always keep your customer and order database reliably synchronised between your e-shop and internal systems (ERP, WMS, Product Management System).

– Data monitoring between servers, including automatic error detection,
– Easy integration and connection to existing interfaces,
– Your data is online, i. e. always up-to-date.

Transfer your data back and forth

We can ensure a seamless transfer of data (product list, pricing, customer list and stock availability) from your internal systems (warehouse, checkout and any other) to your e-shop. Orders and everything related to them will be transferred back to your internal systems.

Adaptive integration and e-shop

Every integration is different, sometimes you use order addresses, other times integrations are broken down by end store. The entire e-shop can be switched depending on which warehouse or store the end customer is shopping in.

A single and always up-to-date database

The e-shop and your internal systems shall always use the same database of end customers, orders, prices and stock availability.

A reliable integration

We expect that as your business grows, your processes will change. Therefore, we keep up with you and make sure you always have an up-to-date testing environment. There, you can test individual integrations at your leisure and use 100% functional solutions in live operation.

Performance Marketing

Build your online strategy on performance marketing, and you will no longer have to invest more than necessary in advertising.

– We set measurable and achievable goals,
– We select the right performance tools,
– We create tailored advertising campaigns with optimal cost-per-click,

We set goals that we can achieve together

Together, we determine what you want to increase and how much, and by when you want to get it done. Using analytics tools, A/B testing and ongoing optimisation, we can quickly ensure that campaigns are either on track to meet these targets or realistically set them.

We can increase the number of:

– Visitors,
– Customer registrations,
– Newsletter subscribers,
– Cart items,
– Orders created,
– Customers involved in the loyalty programme,

We select a set of tools tailored to your needs

We can increase your e-commerce store’s turnover using a wide range of tools. Should we use all of them or just some? We’ll make that decision once we know your requirements and options. But we’ll definitely put together a toolkit that makes sense.

What tools you can use to achieve your goals:

– PPC (Google, Seznam),
– Content advertising (Google, Seznam),
– Facebook advertising (Facebook Pixel),
– SEO to improve searches,

Marketing can help you with the following issues:

– You gain a clear set of goals and plan to achieve them,
– You can see how your advertising investments translate into sales and whether it’s worthwhile to continue promoting specific products,
– You obtain new data about your end customers and their behaviour, which you can use to improve your e-shop, identify trends, expand your offer with suitable product innovations and promote customer loyalty.

What can we do for you?

We can provide you with a complete implementation from initial analyses, workshops, wireframes, graphic design, coding and programming to go-live, training, customisation and integration with Google Analytics. We can also arrange the personalisation of all content, including e-mails or searches. We can advise you on how to evaluate all the data you collect and use it properly for all your online marketing. We set up performance advertising tailored to each customer's preferences and direct them back to your store.

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