From the warehouse to the shopping cart.

Retail Management

Let your stores flourish

Manage your entire sales network using intelligent software. We will help you with target group analysis, assortment renewal and pricing.

Determine which customers bring in the highest profits, explore customer buying habits and reach customers with tailored offers. Motivate your customers to return with loyalty-inducing programmes and well-targeted promotions. Modify your assortment according to market demands and get rid of products that take up space in your warehouse. Collect data from every purchase and offer rewards and bonuses that people will really appreciate.

Why should you invest in retail management?

Optimising processes saves time for your staff.

Strengthen your competitiveness.

Smart pricing will boost your profits and sales.

You'll gain a better position for negotiating with suppliers.

Your customers will keep coming back to you.

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Central Retail Management

Manage your retail network from one place. Plan deliveries, adjust prices and manage company finances clearly and strategically.

– All data is available in one place,
– HQ communicates with branches in real-time,
– We can customise the modular system to suit your business processes at central management, wholesale and retail level.

A versatile solution

We will deliver comprehensive management software to handle:

– Central business management,
– Management of supplier-customer relationships,
– Receiving, ordering and returning goods,
– Warehouse management,
– Price and margin management,
– Economic and accounting operations,

We will build software modules for you so that the new system facilitates your work as much as possible.

Wide integration possibilities

We will interconnect our solutions with other business systems and ensure that they communicate with each other properly. It is possible to connect it to Business Intelligence, loyalty-inducing and POS systems, as well as your e-shop.

Information always at your fingertips

In addition to the desktop version, we also provide a mobile app for Android. This allows you to re-price goods, check stock levels or create orders directly from the sales desktop.

Ready to grow with you

We count on your business to continue to grow. Therefore, our software can handle the management of several branches as well as a large sales network.

Assortment Management

Do your customers get lost in the range of goods? Do sales decline? Are stock piles in warehouses just collecting dust? We will help you change that. We will arrange your assortment and adjust it to the actual demand.

– We will adjust the product structure to match customer requirements,
– We will plan together the distribution of goods in your store,
– We will optimise the stock delivery and free up space in your warehouses.

Give voice to your customers

The famous “There’s no accounting for taste” applies also in retail. However, with a smart assortment management system, you will meet (almost) everyone’s needs. Customise your stores’ offerings to local requirements and make them a place where people love to come back.

Make management’s job easier

We count on the development of your business. That’s why our system is built to allow the management to easily manage a large number of branches.

Clear interface

We pride ourselves on the user-friendly solutions we offer – so even a salesperson or buyer without an IT background can easily handle our software. Of course, your employees will also be instructed.

Promo Planning

Organise promotions that make real sense. Select the most interesting products, place them in the store at places where they can catch the most attention, and reap the rewards in the form of higher sales.

– We will make the whole process faster and more transparent,
– We will assist you in selecting the products that will bring the most profit to your business,
– We will measure the impact of the event accurately.

The power of artificial intelligence

Our intelligent system will predict which product will score the highest in upcoming events. It only needs your historical data to do this. Automation will save you from complex calculations and the hassle of trial and error.

Across the company and sales channels

We tailor the software to the specifics of your business – your promotions management style and the sales channels you have available. Thus, you can easily connect online and offline promotions and evaluate their overall impact.

For every promotion

Customers appreciate original promotions. And our software is ready for them. Whether you schedule seasonal discounts or offer a free gift with purchase, we’ll always recommend a solution that best suits your business.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Tailor your business strategy to the specifics of your customers. Base your decisions on hard data.

– Find out which target groups make the most purchases at your store,
Adapt opening hours to your customers’ habits,
– Adjust your store layout using heatmaps.

Know your customer

Get a detailed overview of who shops with you. We will help you identify the most interesting target groups based on their behaviour and demographic data. Thus, you can determine which consumers like to shop when and which products they are most interested in. Then all you have to do is meet your customers head-on.

Stores designed for people

Monitor customer movement on the sales floor, identify blind spots and redesign your store to bring in more sales.

Quick deployment

We can implement the entire solution within 3 months.

We can connect the system with other solutions:

– Assortment Management Systems,
– Loyalty-inducing Systems,
– Corporate Business Intelligence,

Loyalty-inducing System

We will customise your loyalty-inducing programme to make it understandable to you and your customers. We will design a rewards system, encourage additional purchases and collect valuable data for further retail management.

– You’ll get a complete overview of each customer’s preferences and profitability,
– You can reduce data management costs through automation,
– Your customers will appreciate the personal touch and tailored rewards.

Turnkey loyalty-inducing system

A properly set up loyalty-inducing system increases the loyalty of end customers who are eager to return, buy more and are more satisfied because you make their shopping experience easier. Together, we’ll choose the tools that best fit your business.

What you can expect from a loyalty-inducing system:

– Online loyalty cards,
– Vouchers, gifts, direct discounts or special rewards,
– Management of point, gift and discount campaigns,
– Customer segmentation and linking with e-mailing,
– Evaluation and reporting,
– Full GDPR support.

Integration with other systems

It is always best to have all the information in one place. Therefore, we can integrate our solutions with other software tools, including your central business system, POS software or your suppliers’ loyalty programs.

Effective communication with customers

The loyalty-inducing system from U&Sluno enables you to communicate with your customers via SMS messages, e-mails and printed documents. Thus, the customers always have the information they are interested in at hand.

What can we do for you?

We will provide you with a comprehensive package of services to manage your business policy. We will advise you on the most important areas, design a suitable software solution and tailor it to your requirements. We will set up the service, train your staff and teach you how to use the collected data.

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