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Leave the routine work to the machines

Modern times place high demands on work productivity and personnel satisfaction. Automation solves both. Relieve your employees from routine activities and allow them to focus on higher value-added work. You also develop their potential and let their skills grow. You’ll eliminate downtime, reduce errors and boost your employees’ motivation.

The latest technology will give you a competitive advantage and enable you to offer your customers faster and better service. You can also save on operating costs, which have been rising in recent years due to wage increases.

Why automate?

Speed up your business processes.

Reduce work errors.

Boost employee motivation.

Save on operational costs.

We have helped the following companies with automation:

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Autonomous robots

Speed up warehouse transport and order picking using smart machines. Let your workers do higher value-added activities.

– Using robots reduces staff costs,
– Eliminate downtime to reduce order preparation time,
– Machines do not succumb to fatigue and inattention, which leads to increased safety.

Innovative solutions for every situation

Our specialised robots can handle the following:

– Transporting pallets and crates,
– Transporting products between stations in the warehouse,
– Inventory of goods in the warehouse,
– Part of zonal picking.

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Higher productivity

Replace unproductive human labour with robots and free up your employees to focus on more important tasks. Speed up the picking of shipments and the transportation of products across the company.

Safer working conditions

Self-driving robots also contribute to a safer workplace – their excellent spatial orientation allows them to easily avoid fixed obstacles and human personnel. They can, thus, work in the regular mode of a conventional warehouse.

Easy integration with the company system

We connect the autonomous robots with your existing IT systems, which you can use to assign work tasks. The integrated touch screen means that many robots can also be operated independently.

Quick deployment

We can implement the entire solution, including space mapping and staff training, within 2 weeks.

Robots for pallet transport

Even pallet transport can be autonomous and much more economical. Today, you no longer have to transport a 1,300 kg pallet with a 2.5 t forklift truck. A 700 kg robot can do the job. It uses electricity mainly to transport the load, not itself.

– 8 times less electricity consumption
– 1 hour of charging = 8 hours of work
– 40-80% reduction in human labour

Pallets even from roller tracks

Normally handles a Euro pallet, a shipping box or any pallet up to 1.2 x 1.2 m and 1,300 kg. It lifts everything up to 1.2 m high and settles precisely thanks to a sophisticated positioning system. It can also take pallets on/off the roller track as it has no scissor lift.

It can move in parallel

It can also handle very tight loads between other pallets or remove a pallet placed crookedly. It picks up the pallet with an inclination of up to 10° or 10 cm on each side. The great advantage is that it does not have to rotate around its axis, but can move parallel to the side.

European certification

The robot works safely with warehousemen, forklifts and other robots. The pallet transport robots are manufactured in Europe and meet the standards for safe operation.

Charging and service

The largest robots for transporting the heaviest loads work for 8 hours straight on a single charge. Therefore, there is no need to have a separate charger for each robot. In case they do not have another job ready, they charge continuously. Battery life ranges from 4-6 years. Servicing of robots should be done twice a year.

Sorting robots

Sorting robots will help you sort your shipments smoothly and quickly. Faster sorting means faster shipment to the end customer and therefore higher customer satisfaction.

– You can save dozens of hours of time and avoid overloading your staff,
– Fewer goods sorting errors
– Sorting with minimal human operation

Weight doesn’t matter here

Want to sort shipments of stuffed animals or boxes of screws? It doesn’t matter, you can use robots for all the weight categories you need. The smallest ones can carry 2 kg, the biggest 50 kg. They keep running all day, no matter the load, and only need a few minutes to rest in the charging docks where they navigate independently.

Caution, Fragile! You don’t need to remind the robot of this

Each package is fragile in a different way and, thus, deserves different treatment. And the robots treat them accordingly. Moreover, they learn everything they need from the barcodes. Based on them, they sort the shipments into boxes, baskets, bags or chutes. The most fragile items are placed on a conveyor belt for even smoother drop-off.

Obstacles are no longer an issue

The entire sorting solution is as mobile as possible and takes into account obstacles in the warehouse. The sorting boxes can be easily moved or transferred to a completely different location, so that the operator does not have to lift and carry them unnecessarily. Thanks to automatic sensors at the boxes and precise programming of the robots, you don’t even have to worry about shipments falling on the ground, even if someone accidentally forgets to prepare an empty box.

What can we do for you?

We will help you set up automation from A to Z. We will analyse internal processes, suggest their optimisation, and subsequently implement changes. Of course, we also ensure ongoing consultation and thorough staff training in the new software.

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