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Warehouse Management

Decision making by system, Tetris to warehouse personnel

What can you do to maximise the capacity of your workforce as well as your available space? Entrust warehouse management to a central system. It will distribute the necessary instructions and simplify decision-making for warehouse operators, who can easily and quickly put boxes in the ideal locations.

You can easily determine who performs which task, where and for how long at any time. You can also see where all the goods are, what is missing or whether there are too many of a particular item. At the same time, the system requires virtually no qualification or training of the warehouse personnel.

Why you should get serious about the Warehouse Management System

We fully connect your existing systems to the Warehouse Management System.

By connecting your WMS to a mobile app, you can optimise warehouse worker routes and reduce unnecessary traffic.

Switching from paper to voice picking will increase your productivity by up to 30%.

Use the 3D simulation to experiment with new warehouse processes before putting them into practice.

Who has already entrusted us with their warehouses

Choose the right solution
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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We can efficiently connect your warehouses with eshops and transport. Thus, your warehouse operators can perform tasks they are supposed to do, and your customers get their goods on time.

– Maximum utilisation of warehouse, transport and personnel capacities,
– Ideal interconnection of processes unaffected by staff turnover,
– The mobile app guides the warehouse staff through their workflow one step at a time,

100% automation of your warehouse with a single software

– Optimised distribution of goods in the warehouse using maximum height and weight capacities,
– Functional connection of the warehouse to the Transport Management System (TMS), including allocation of dispatch routes,
– Tracking of all products and forklifts,

A WMS handling 15.000.000 m2 of warehouses worldwide

Whether you operate a smaller 1.000 m2 warehouse or a 100.000 m2 hangar, the WMS constitutes a worthwhile solution. Our robust system can be completely adapted to you and your processes.

Within the system, you also have your warehouse map defined, including rack dimensions, aisle numbers, zones, levels, rack load capacity, heights. Thus, the system always knows what the rack looks like and what can be put there.

You make your warehouse staff’s job easier

– Cooperative processing of a single order by multiple warehouse operators,
– Warehouse operators don’t need to decide anything, they just follow systematic instructions,
– Grouping of orders in such a way that the warehouse operators do not need to go to one place more than necessary,
– In the case of EDI-based picking, it is no longer necessary for an employee to manually enter the goods,
– Quick training and clear instructions for all warehouse staff in any language,
– The warehouse remains fully operational regardless of the fluctuation of workers.

A smart pick-up

The picking methods are widely parameterisable and can be adapted to the customer’s process as much as possible. You can also make use of well-established refined models:

Standard picking – the warehouse operator picks goods from their picking positions based on a specific order,
Pick by line – the warehouse operator takes a full pallet from the warehouse and moves it to an area with empty pallets for individual customers; there, he divides the goods between them,
Pick than pack – Picking occurs first, and then the order is packed,
Floating picking – You can pick from any position in the warehouse and are not restricted to specific picking points,

If the WMS is connected to the TMS, you can have the loading lined up so that the goods unloaded from the truck first are loaded last. You can easily monitor the entire loading process and send the necessary documents or data to other external systems after loading.

All WMS functions always ready at hand

Your employees no longer need to use a computer for every order. They simply handle everything via a mobile terminal with an intuitive app that transmits all key WMS functions directly to the warehouse desktop. This completely eliminates the need to operate RTF terminals. If you want to add a communication app as well, your warehouse staff can wear a communication device in their pocket and they can easily call each other when needed.

Voice-controlled warehouse

Free up your warehouse staff. Real-time communication between the warehouse personnel and the system will increase your productivity by 8 to 30%.

Warehouse operators use only 20 commands in their native language to communicate with the system,
Get more work done with the same number or even fewer people,
The solution can also be operated offline, so you can use it even in a warehouse that is not connected to the network,

Seamless and real-time communication

The system communicates tasks to the warehouse operator via headphones; they report back to the warehouse operator, checking that they are in the right place or have picked the correct product in the required quantity.

Foreign language, speech impediments, accents and slang do not pose a problem. Users can have their own dictionaries defined in their native language using a common vocabulary.

Simple process and supervision

The dialogue between the warehouse operator and the system follows your exact processes. The system can, for example, read the product names, the warehouse operator only confirms the items with an OK message and uses numbers to communicate the number of items he has picked. You can also make the warehouse worker enter the expiry date of the goods when picking to make traceability easy.

The warehouse operator doesn’t need to search for anything in the terminal or figure out where to put it and is more focused on their tasks. They also pay much more attention to their surroundings, which increases the overall safety of their work. At the same time, the warehouse manager can see what each operator does, what they have done and what they have to do.

Use the voice warehouse features not only for picking (multi-customer and multi-pallet) but also for distribution, inventory or your other specific processes.

Connectivity with external systems

– With scanning devices (batch, UID codes),
– With put to/pick by light system (lighting up the trolley compartment to which the goods belong),
– With any WMS.

3D process simulation

Test new processes and changes in the warehouse before you implement them. Simulation can assist you in discovering the potential of different scenarios and choosing the right ones.

You won’t restrict existing warehouse operations,
You see immediately how changes to processes and space affect productivity,
Avoid complications when implementing changes and reduce the time required for their implementation,

Don’t get caught unprepared

Growing business, staff shortages, changing demand? External conditions can easily change, and you need to optimise your warehouse, production or people movement. Try everything with minimal costs in a virtual environment.

What can I simulate?

Process and space changes, machine layouts, the effect of voice picking, workflow, operator time, adding autonomous robots and conveyors, reducing the number of warehouse operators, introducing safety breaks, adjusting working hours and dozens of other scenarios to suit your needs.

Predictable development and wide range of applications

When you implement any processes and automation, you will immediately see their synchronisation with others as well as any bottlenecks, which you can easily resolve by anticipating them.

You can use simulation most often:

– In logistics to simulate material movements,
– In production to simulate production and assembly lines, analyse production scenarios, plan production and distribute workload,
– In infrastructure to simulate the layout of car parks and roads or passenger flows at airports and station terminals,
– In customer premises from shops to call centres to simulate customer flow,
– In healthcare to simulate crisis scenarios and situations.

We take Covid into account

We analyse the personnel traffic and suggest solving the shifts so that the employees meet as little as possible. Thus, a possible quarantine affects as few people as possible. We can also simulate situations where two people have to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between them (whether warehouse workers in the warehouse or end customers in the store).

You need not simulate the entire warehouse

– Start with the model you need and gradually develop it further,
– The simulation has been on the market for more than 20 years and has a very user-friendly interface,
– You can upload 3D drawings in various formats, including Autocad,
– We provide the simulation independently of our WMS, so you can use your own.

What can we do for you?

We can evaluate the current processes in the warehouse, create their computer simulation, and propose a comprehensive solution that will help increase productivity and efficiency based on the data obtained. Of course, we will also instruct your staff.

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