01. March 2022

Sorting robots can multiply the speed of warehouse clearance

Sorting robots can multiply the speed of warehouse clearance

We are proud to present our new sorting robots that can boost the speed of sorting shipments. We are meeting the growing demand of retailers seeking means to better manage the existing warehouses without rebuilding.

Faster sorting of shipments equals more rapid dispatch to the end customer and, therefore, a higher level of customer satisfaction. Sorting robots excel in this very area. In addition to supporting the smoothness of the entire process, they also facilitate employees’ work, who can concentrate on other important tasks.

The compact robots move on elevated tables on special pads with chips, navigating them to the collection boxes. Warehouse operators load them with shipments weighing up to 50 kg and measuring up to 40×40×50 centimetres. The parcels are automatically scanned, and the robot identifies where to take the package based on the barcode data. They communicate with each other and smoothly avoid each other; thus, the machines do not collide, even if the track is crowded. As a result, this effective combination of human power and robot work enables to handle manifold more shipments in the same amount of time, in the same sized warehouse.

You can find where the robots are used on our new website.

Simple, fast and flawless

Compared to other autonomous units, the sorting robots/sorters are pretty small; thus, they need much less space to operate. Moreover, the tables they move around on are very flexible in assembly and do not need to be permanently attached to the floor as with other, more robust solutions. The sorting line can be very easily assembled, expanded or quickly dismantled in the future. The client can move everything quickly to another hall if necessary. Similarly, the smart design enables adjusting the height of the modules or adapting the line for smaller or larger robots (navigation tiles are available in 55×55 or 75×75 cm).

Durability is another indisputable advantage. Robots need only 3 minutes of charging to work for 4 hours, which they can manage themselves. Should the energy level of the robot drop below a certain level, it will automatically go to a designated place to recharge. They use the standard 230V voltage in the sockets on the track to do so.

Benefits of the robotic sorting line:

  • Fast return on investment, usually within 1-2 years
  • Tables can be assembled, extended or disassembled easily
  • 3 minutes of recharging for 4 hours of sorting
  • Robot service life reaches up to 10,000 cycles
  • More compatible than conventional sorting lines
  • Zero operating cost of the tables
  • Connection to any WMS
  • Easy to integrate on the client-side

As we have already indicated, the commissioning of the sorting line is simple and can be done in a few weeks. Once the tables are assembled, we add the necessary sensors and connect the control unit. It is essential to build the line on a flat surface to achieve the fastest sorting and movement of the robots. Before going live, the robots first start out in a so-called scanning mode, moving along the track and mapping the path. Rules can be defined based on the resulting map to guide their movements and deliveries. We cover everything.

Smart signalling

The tables and boxes where the parcels are dropped off have wheels for easy handling. Once such a drop box is full enough, an operator can simply remove it and replace it with another. In addition, a semaphore connected to the track reacts to the absence of a drop box by colour-coding the current status and alerting the robots to the missing box. As a result, the robots do not bring new shipments to that location. Explicit colour signalling is very helpful in speeding up order management.

In case of unexpected errors, e. g., when a shipment falls on the track, the system can also react quickly. Should this happen, the system immediately instructs all other units to stop. Correction and restart are quick and easy. All you need to do is load the shipment, and the entire process starts up again smoothly.

Sorting robots offer a faster and cheaper alternative to often costly sorting systems and lines utilising conveyor belts. They save space in the warehouse and speed up the entire handover process to benefit companies and their customers.

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