15. March 2021

Voice-controlled warehouse can boost productivity by up to 30%

Voice-controlled warehouse can boost productivity by up to 30%

The cost of logistics and warehouse management are crucial points for large retailers to gain an advantage over their competitors. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal is using Voice Controlled Warehouse technology – a robust tool suitable for retail, wholesale, logistics and distribution companies that significantly increases both productivity and overall quality of work.

The entire voice-controlled warehouse system relies on a simple principle: each operator is equipped with a headset and a portable terminal the size of a smartphone, which allows them to communicate in real-time with the warehouse system. As a result, the picking process becomes much smoother. Increasing productivity by even just one per cent can mean savings of hundreds of thousands or millions of Czech crowns per year, especially for large retailers.

The operating system is based on Android, offering customers simple modifications and easy development for the future. One of its great strengths includes a nearly 100% voice recognition success rate regardless of surrounding traffic. From the moment of switching on, operators do not have to actually handle the terminal at all and can use both hands to handle the goods, significantly influencing the quality and especially the speed of picking. The system automatically translates all instructions into a human voice directly into the headphones and vice versa, the warehouse operators’ messages are routed back to the machine via the microphone. Because warehouse workers are not required to manipulate the terminal, they can do their work much more quickly, which gives them more time to focus on other pressing activities.

Improvement visible already after the first shift

Simple administration and an intuitive environment that allows new users to be trained in a matter of hours rather than weeks or days are significant benefits of the tool. Increased productivity becomes apparent after the first shift. This represents a considerable advantage, especially for large warehouses with higher staff turnover.

Benefits of voice picking:

  • Reduction of errors in order preparation,
  • Increase in overall picking productivity,
  • Real-time inventory control and overview,
  • Training of new users in a matter of hours,
  • Android-based operating system,
  • Fast implementation in weeks or months,
  • Application of modern, certified voice terminals,
  • It can be used locally (on-premise) or operated in the cloud,
  • Currently, there are 6 integrated languages in the Czech Republic,
  • Almost 100% success rate of voice recognition even in busy environments,
  • Trouble-free integration into existing WMS and other systems,
  • Elimination of administrative paperwork,
  • Easy modification according to customer needs.

Currently, our customers have more than 2,500 employees using the system and, as repeated testing has shown, overall productivity has increased by an average of 8-30%, depending on the type of goods. The terminals can be utilised in a wide range of applications, as they suit other warehouse processes. So, you can get a complete picking, distribution and inventory solution in one package.

Voice picking technology offers retailers and logistics companies a significant advance and a much more efficient approach to distribution centre management. It provides improved convenience, productivity and job security for all team members involved – and, thus, also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

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