19. July 2022

We are changing our logo after 30 years

We are changing our logo after 30 years

We are changing the entire visual identity. The biggest change is the new logo, from which the letter U and & disappeared. “We decided to shorten and significantly simplify the name of the company. On the contrary, a symbol of connection was added, which expresses our partnership with customers and employees. We help our people in development and education, therefore we can be stable partners for our customers”, says Miroslav Krupa, CEO of Sluno.

The visual identity was created in cooperation with the agency Justmighty s.r.o., who, among other things, last year put the traditional Kofola label on a knitted sweater. The main goal was to rejuvenate the graphics and improve the clarity of communication.

The management of the company started a series of changes and innovations that will follow. “At the beginning of the year we managed to complete the new website, now we have a new graphic manual ready and we will continue with our product websites and all offline materials. I believe that we will start transforming our HR website as soon as possible,” comments Jana Czapková, marketing manager of Sluno.

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